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I am happy to review Lotus Bloom Soaps, beautifully and thoughtfully handcrafted bath soap bars made from distilled rainwater and natural oils using the traditional soap making process. Proudly Philippine made!

One of the things I learned in my interior design course in college was that, the closer it is to your body, the better its quality should be. This is an argument for cheap curtains and expensive bedsheets. But it's also an argument for high quality food (which you're putting directly inside your body) and high quality cosmetics (which is like food for your skin, the largest organ of your body). I don't believe in extravagantly expensive cosmetics, but high quality ingredients are worth investing in. You can save money and support local entrepreneurs by patronizing local small-to-medium businesses that are passionate about their products, since they're usually more reasonably priced than imported organic stuff. Lotus Bloom is one example.

Lotus Bloom is run by yoga teacher Joanne, and I learned about the brand thanks to Tita Risa. I have sensitive skin and I've found that my skin, especially my face, works best with natural bar soaps made from virgin coconut oil and oatmeal. Plus, these natural soaps smell fantastic! So much better than commercial mass-produced soaps with artificial scents and ingredients such as SLS and parabens. You can check the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database for the safety ratings of these and other ingredients.

The ingredients of Lotus Bloom soaps are all listed on their website, and they also explain their traditional soapmaking process using cruelty-free vegan ingredients. Here are the ingredients for the variants I ordered (all from their Fragrance Free line):

FortunaMade from distilled rainwater, saponified oils of olive, avocado, coconut and palm with  pure shea butter and cocoa butter. 

AineMade from distilled rainwater, saponified oils of olive, macadamia, coconut and palm with  cocoa butter and whipped coconut milk.

Made from distilled rainwater, saponified oils of olive, palm grapeseed and coconut with  finely grounded organic brown rice and organic green tea.

They all smell delightful! Full-bodied and fresh, but not overwhelming or cloying. I'm going to have to keep a few of these in my closet to make all my clothes smell like that too.

I tried the Fortuna soap first, since this was the soap that Joanne recommended in lieu of my original order of the Rumina soap (virgin coconut oil and oatmeal) which was out of stock at the time. I began using it right after a long beach trip where I got joyfully sunkissed and mildly sunburnt from long hours splish-splashing on the shore. Lots of itchy bug bites too, so I was really looking forward to my new creamy buttery soap...

Okay, first let me say that I'm not affiliated with Lotus Bloom, and I'm not receiving payment or sales commissions for this review. Because oh my gosh! That soap was so soft and creamy and yet not at all greasy or sticky after rinsing. And it smelled so pure and soothing and it was so silky like it was body butter except in soap form.  Seriously. After getting out of the shower, I wanted to go get all dirty again just so I could shower again with that soap. I've tried many organic soap brands and this one is the best. Dear Lotus Bloom, please concoct more products like shampoo and conditioner and body butter and solid perfume so I can rub your bewitching luxurious products all over my body! Hehe.

Lotus Bloom's TLC goes not just into the soaps, but also into their relationships with customers. Although I haven't met Joanne in person yet, I sense from our email exchanges that she is a really sweet person. And she is a very accommodating and friendly business owner who responds quickly and enthusiastically to customer inquiries and suggestions. She was kind enough to send me a little gift along with my order-- a cute little Breathe Deeply balm with a heavenly scent. I received my package shortly before my beach trip, and sniffing the balm really helped during the plane ride-- airplanes smell bad to me, and I get slightly dizzy on them too. It also helped decongest my nose and throat when I was experiencing mild allergies. Thank you so much Joanne!

All in all, Lotus Bloom Soaps provide lovingly handmade luxury soaps using top-quality pure natural ingredients packed in eco-friendly cute paper packaging, at the very affordable price range of P120-P150 per soap bar. Joanne puts a lot of passion and care into her products, and it shows. Try it and see for yourself, and let me know how your experience goes.

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  1. Thank you so much for your awesome review on Lotus Bloom Handcrafted Soaps! Your blogpost inspires us to keep on making natural body care products, work harder and study even more diligently so we continue to bring everyone high quality handmade soaps.

    More power to Sustainable Manila!

    <3 <3 <3
    Lotus Bloom Handcrafted Soaps

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you and more power to you too :) Looking forward to experiencing more of your creations <3


  2. Lotus Bloom soaps are really one of the best soaps I have ever tried. Sadly, I think that they have stopped making these soaps now. Can anyone please confirm on this? Thank you.


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