Minced Puso Ng Saging & Mushrooms


Simple little recipe using puso ng saging (banana bud or blossom) and/or oyster mushrooms. This actually ends up tasting like ground beef and you can adjust the recipe to your own taste! :D

Chop the puso ng saging. I got my organic/biodynamic puso ng saging delivered by Holy Carabao.

You can also use mushrooms. I'm using fresh oyster mushrooms from Ministry of Mushrooms ordered through Holy Carabao.

Mix in eggs. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add garlic and cheese bits if you like. Stir-fry in butter (I use lots of butter). Don't forget to avoid aluminum and Teflon cookware-- go for high-quality glass, enamel, or stainless steel.

And have fun with your presentation! Enjoy. :) I got this idea from my friend Marty who made yummy fried omelette patties with chopped puso ng saging. Love using local ingredients and supporting local farms.

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